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Welcome to GB Marketing

GB Marketing have worked extensively in consumer goods, business to business, service industry and the charity sector for a broad cross-section of companies throughout the world on a range of innovative training programmes for major companies in some of the world's most challenging situations.

To find out about the programmes that GB Marketing have developed for these companies, including marketing communications, marketing planning, market research, customer care and team building, please navigate the website using the round buttons above.

To contact Graham Bailey from this website or find out details of our special Web Only Offer then click contact at any time.

Graham Bailey's Marketing Blog

October 4th, 2015 - The power of a good CV

In this era of Linkedin profiles taking precedence when job hunting, is there still a place for a well written CV. The answer is most certainly yes as this is your opportunity to demonstrate your self promotion and presentation skills in a format that you have developed. If you give some time to considering content, [...]


September 24th, 2015 - Content, content, content

The estate agent’s mantra of location, location, location can be easily adapted and applied to digital marketing as this voracious machine needs more and more quality content to keep brands and personalities on their audiences radar. This needs a whole new approach in the collection of our marketing collateral and one that not enough companies [...]


September 21st, 2015 - Branding in politics

With the recent upsurge in political interest both in the U.S. and U.K. following the appearance of some fairly exotic characters in the political landscape, it begs the question can a political party be a consistent brand? The answer to this probably lies in the very roots of the political party’s foundation as it would [...]


September 13th, 2015 - Data, digital and BRIC’s

I recently heard Martin Sorrell comment that in the near future three elements will need to be considered by marketers namely the fate of the BRIC countries, data and digital. It’s a fairly succinct way of summarising the issues that the marketing profession needs to address and leads me to think that the fully prepared [...]


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