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GB marketing offers a comprehensive professional CV writing service. If you are looking for some support writing or reworking your CV why not consider utilising our experience.

CV writing is an art not a science and we therefore believe the best person to help you write it is someone who has been there seen it and still doing it. Our CV writing service is run personally by Tom Bailey, not only has he got experience of specialist consumer marketing recruitment experience but he has been employed by number of blue chip consumer businesses within the marketing departments and recruited within those businesses.

Currently the employment market is incredibly competitive with 9 applicants chasing every role in some instances. Individuals need their CV to be working hard for them, otherwise they will keep falling at the first hurdle (screening). Your CV doesn’t get you the job, you do that but if the role is right for you it should get you in the door

Your CV is an advertisement for you, it needs to be concise, relevant and impactful. Your CV has seconds to make an impact with prospective employers, therefore it is critical that your CV quickly and concisely communicates your most sellable points in an appropriate format.

Our 3 specialist CV services allow you to set up or improve this important document

Select the service you require we will then email you a form to fill out, this will allow us to better understand your experience

Full Service – We ask you to fill out a form that tells us about what you have done, when, and what you want to do (the more detail you give the more relevant your CV will be), We may also contact you for additional detail - £95

Standard service – We ask you to fill out a shorter form and email us your CV and we tidy it up for you - £60

First CV – a standard template for a CV is emailed to the candidate £25

In the interest of offering you the best possible service we will strive to improve your CV if you are legitimately unhappy with it we will rework it before we offer you a refund.

Apply below to the service you require and we will be in touch shortly

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